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Prices and Terms

Building Time
This depends on current commitments, type of vessel ordered, and the current stock of timber (the larch boards used for building are exceptionally wide and have to be sawn and seasoned specially for the type of job). Please get in touch with your ideas to discuss this.

faering keel set up on strongback

Payment Terms
We ask for a deposit of a third of the cost with the order and the balance on delivery. Delivery within mainland Britain is included in the price.

steaming larch strakes

Price Guide
We will quote individually for the boat you want, an 18 faering ready for rowing, fully finished with rudder, tiller, oars, painter etc. will cost less than one with a sailing rig (mast, spritsail and foresail with all stays, sheets, reef points, etc); other older types of rig (such as a square sail) are available on request.


fitting oak frames to faering hull

We can quote for a made-to-measure breakback road and launch trailer (and a canvas boat cover) which will enable you to tow your boat and launch her anywhere off a slipway or beach.

faering on road trailer

Other Equipment
We can arrange everything you might need to fully equip your faering including buoyancy, lockers, water tight food boxes, anchor, fishing gear, storage barrels for journeys, radar reflector for the open sea, compass, flares, VHF radio, GPS, and buoyancy aids. We can also advise on suitable insurance and offer tuition in sailing and rowing these craft. We will quote for these items and services on request.

copper rivets and wooden rivets, trenails

Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood Film
Sail and Oar built two faerings which were used under oars for river scenes in the 2009 Robin Hood film starring Russell Crowe. The traditional construction of the boats was ideal for the period depicted and unlike many new faerings they are finished with the traditional mixture of linseed oil and stockholm tar rather than paint or varnish so they have the authentic look required for the film.


Charles Lyster's Boat used in a film set


Designed by
Adam Harris Adamson