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faering anchored, sial furled, in clear water faering with mast and oars at quay in Norway, children fishing Child asleep , stern of faering faering spritsail with reef point
faering by rocky shore faering at jetty in fjord with island faering sails and sky faering sailing in fjord

>boy rowing faering >Charles Lyster sailing faering in force five wind >faering on beach in Brittany >faering rowed by actors in costume, Russell Crowe Robin Hood film
>faering and tent, Norwegian island >boy casting with rod from faering >swimmers and faering in Norwegian fjord’ >faering sailing past yachts, Brittany

>cooking on faering while sailing >faering with flag in Great River Race >faering loaded for journey, rudder, tiller >faering with reefed sail, Scotland
>faering with cover on road trailer, Norwegian ferry >faering with reefed sail, Norway >faering in narrow channel >cooking over open fire, Scottish island, bivouac, faering

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